Drinks that can eliminate 97% of viruses in the human body

German scientists have concluded that natural products can suppress up to 97% of viruses in the body.

The results of experts from the Institute of Molecular Virology at the University of Ulm appeared on the “bioRxiv” website. The scientists said, “We found that the juice of Aronia melanocarpa, pomegranate juice,” Punica granatum “and green tea” Camellia sinensis “acted as viral pesticides, and could reduce mouthwashing. Juices from viral presence. “

The experts explained that these and other natural juices, as well as green tea, are able to weaken viruses thanks to their acidic environment and polyphenols by 80%.

The experts noted: “For example, elderberry syrup (Sambucus nigra) has been shown to relieve symptoms in people with influenza.”

In the same context, a study published on the Med RXV website for medical research showed that taking honey with black seed helps speed up the recovery of those infected with the virus.


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